Connection between man and nature

“The secular park, which surrounds the Villa and seems to protect it, protect its view from the road. That’s why whoever crosses the gate becomes invisible from the outside, enjoying that privacy and centrality necessary to fully appreciate the surrounding scenario”.

Albert Einstein used to say: “Look into the depths of nature and then you will understand everything better”.

So, what better connection between man and nature can there be but immersing yourself into a wonderful park of over 20,000 square meters?

The park follows the natural morphology of the territory and extends over several levels. The flora that characterizes it varies: among the present types of trees, there are ancient oaks, imposing magnolias, tall palm trees, and there are numerous floral species that allow the garden to be always flowered in every month of the year.

“Every month has its flower; every emotion has its colour. Here we find them all… ”

The splendour and tranquillity of the park bring us closer to the surrounding nature; stone tables and benches allow guests to relax but also – why not – to carry out various outdoor activities.