Beauty has a name

An enchanting Villa, a noble nineteenth-century dwelling located in the outstanding landscape of the Valle del Lambro just a few miles from Milan. A sober but refined structure, externally characterized by light and soft colours, fading on sunny days in the shades of Brianza clear blue sky of Brianza.

In this way, we discover the greatness of the structure, elegant and refined, invisible from the outside.

The interior rooms are spacious and bright; some frescoed and furnished with antiques that alternate with pieces of modern design, each with a fully functional vintage fireplace.

Here, the ancient atmosphere meets and merges with feelings closer to the present day; a harmonious array, guaranteed by the historical beauty of the building and by the modernity of the technological and safety systems of the structure.


In time with style

Built in the nineteenth century and more precisely in 1841 by the will of the noble Rossi family, Villa Federica has experienced periods of great splendour. There are not many definite news upon the “life” of the structure since the date of construction until its purchase by the Venetian nobleman Prearo.

When the Count died, the Villa was donated to the Curia and became the home of the friars, but nothing was changed regarding to the aesthetic refinements desired by Conte Prearo, of which several testimonies remain.

Currently Villa Federica is a private property and is a cultural and style centre for international experiential marketing events, for literary, enogastronomic and stylistic events.


The pleasure of Style

“There are buildings that talk about their history, others want to be told and others still want to create it. Villa Federica is all of this: it has its own history, but every day it creates a new one… “

The nineteenth-century residence is articulated and particularly adherent to the traditional patterns of the baroque villas and the late neoclassical period.

GROUND FLOOR: Characterized by bright and spacious living rooms, which can be accessed from an elegant veranda or directly from the French windows that open onto the park. The strong asset are the fireplaces, original nineteenth-century, fully functional and ideal for creating intimate and relaxed atmospheres. The large veranda connects the internal courtyard of the structure to the rooms on the ground floor and is itself an ideal location for small events.

SALA DELLE COLONNE: 12 columns arranged in a square characterize the large hall, of over 350 square meters, inside and by the large fresco that depicts a tree-lined path. The brightness of this salon, which can host events for over 200 people, is another of the fundamental elements that characterize it and make it so fascinating. Functional and versatile, it lends itself to various types of activities: convivial events, cultural events, fashion shows, training days…